Monday, 7 October 2013

Kick- Ass Females: Jessica Pearson | Suits

Okay, so my next pick for kick ass females is none other than Jessica Pearson from Suits, played by Gina Torres.
Thought this gif was fitting, it's from:

There is something about Jessica which is just so powerful. She's so fierce and let's not forget her fashion is one of the best I've seen for any female role. What makes her kick-ass?

#1 She's a female at the top of her career.
Her name is on the masthead-before-any other partners i.e. Pearson Hardman/ Pearson Darby/ Pearson Darby Spector. Females at the top of their career are always so admirable. She fought to get to her position and this shows strength and determination.

#2 She built Harvey. 
She saw Harvey's brilliance during his youth (while he was a worker in the mailroom) and gave him an opportunity to foster and grow it by paying his way through school. Without Jessica, Harvey would be nothing.

#3 Her wardrobe.
Okay so you must be sick and tired of me constantly bringing this up but seriously her wardrobe is phenomenal. Like absolutely unbelievably phenomenal. Classy, yet sexy, elegant and so chic. Let's take a look:
Image from:

#4 Her loyalty.
She will stand by Harvey even when he does morally questionable things. She's dedicated to supporting him and often comes across as more than just his boss, but as someone who genuinely cares about him.

#5 The way she kicked Hardman out was pretty badass. 

#6 She's a good example of...
She's a good example of the idea that hard work will get you to where you want to be. That if you truly work hard nothing and no one can stop you from getting to where you want to be.

Overall, Jessica Pearson is someone who is pretty damn respectable. She is a character who I admire. Hardworking, strong willed, stubborn and determined she's someone who I look up to and who is 100% a kick-ass female character.

I hope one day I can be half as successful as she is.


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